by Demersal

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released May 20, 2016

Written and recorded by Demersal
Mixed by Kasper Lauersen



all rights reserved


Demersal Odense, Denmark

Blackened hardcore/metal from Odense, Denmark.

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Track Name: Their Feathers Will Burn + Falling Through Days And Nights
Their feathers will burn:

The dance of death on silent graves
- dancing towards the sun
The high and mighty dragging with
- the lowest ones
And in the flames of the sun
- their feathers are nothing worth
They all will fall and they will bite the dirt

Falling through days and nights:

Bury death in the night
with our back against the sky
thousands of stars, like gunfire’s
echoes through our silent lives

Still waters run deep

Keep on living with coins on our eyes
until we fall through days and nights
and the river at the bottom,
drags us further away from each other
Oh charon, the last boat has sunk

På en mørkeblå himmel
triste øjne stirrer
langsomt går de alle ud
De kan ikke lyse mørket op mere

Bury death in the night
between the hands on the watch, loosing time
the neongods as my witness
I am not alive
Track Name: Our Skin Can't Hold These Worried Fires Within
Black chimneys are sending smoke signals to the world
while millions of hands are raised like dead antennas towards the sky
- where satellites are racing the earth
to the rhythm of a funeral song, heard in the wind like a silent hum

Embers to a flame to fires in the rain

We can only take so much
until we spit fire in the night
like the moon turning from an eye to a fang,
during it's monthly dance across the sky
we'll no longer watch but cut the ties,
that bind us to this cruelty
you call a fucking part of life

Our skin – is only paper thin
it cannot hold these worried fires within

Embers to a flame to fires in the rain
Track Name: Behind Smoke And City Lights
Pulled apart
As lonely as you are
dragged into the landscape
coalesced in the dark
these days are never yours
As you walk through smoke and city lights
Still we call you a burden
A threat to our running time

Though we might look at you right in the eye
We only see you as a landscape running by

Time is a closed eye
Running through the city lights
Obsessed with all that we can gain
We were born, we were young, now we are feeding on the pain
Track Name: Ballad of a broken home
I walked by the city just before night.
Suddenly I found myself on a strange siding filled with light.
A building appeared on top of it all.
Wrapped in layers of gold and importance.

I walked near this enormous building, climbed to the top.
And as I stood there by this mighty piece of architecture, my senses were affected.

A sound of static machines filled the air with nausea.
A smell of flesh and perfume took my breath away.
And as I stood there overwhelmed by fear and curiosity,
my legs walked the curious way.

I walked through mighty halls and formal parties,
till I found a room severed from the others.
The smell and noise that once got me sick returned
I had to look inside.

I saw thousands of people laying on couches.
I saw mouths, eyes and ears covered in human skin.
Sewed on, by the use of machines.
Controlled by men in suits and women with diamond rings.

Constructions of a human elite
That’s all I saw
Empty faces covered in skin
Unfortunately we all need someone to adore